The first practices in insurance date back about 4,000 years ago. The insurance policy issued for the first time was the freight policy, which was issued in order to assure the load of the ship named “Santa Clara” in the 14th century. In the second half of the century, land insurance was introduced as a result of using the calculus of probability in insurance and burning of hundreds of houses and churches in a fire in London. Today, insurance companies are able to assure almost any risks according to the growing needs. It can be understood that the companies not operating in the insurance sector, having such a deep history and which is one of the basic three pillars of finance science, cannot have information about the insurance as much as the companies providing Insurance services. However, it does not mean that you cannot have the best assurance you need for your business. The first of the services we offer about insurance is that, it is also our mission as a Reinsurance and Insurance Broker, unlike the insurance agencies, we take part in your insurance transactions as the Insurer’s Representative. Insurance agencies provide you a policy with the products and assurances of the insurance companies with which they are affiliated, and they do act in favor of such companies as they are legally a Representative of such Insurance Companies. As a Reinsurance and Insurance Broker, we are acting as a representative of the insured, that is as your representative.

We are not affiliated with any insurance company and we have such licenses allowing us to work with all insurance provider companies both in Turkey and abroad. We provide consultancy services in the process of policies issued not only in Turkey but internationally for insurance coverage and the terms and conditions thereof, and potential damage as well as in the management of the process.

We also provide services during the period of purchase of your insurance policies, in the examination of these policies, assessment of guarantees and limits therein, controlling of their compliance with international laws and regulations and determination of domestic/international validity.

Insurance Broker Services

You know your business best. But we do know best the risks that you may face in your business. Thanks to our sectoral experience of more than 15 years, we secure for you all insurable risks that you may face in your business. Today almost every business has an insurance policy but the purchased insurance coverage either includes insufficient limits or are issued without the coverage items that you need. We hereby assure you that the policies to be issued by us will be issued with the best limits and in a way that they cover all business processes applicable to your business. As Şahin Reasürans ve Sigorta Brokerliği, we carry out our work as an insurance department just like accounting and legal departments of your business, offer you the prepared alternative premiums, companies and insurance coverages and guide you to purchase the most appropriate policy.

Risk Analysis and Survey Services

In case of your need, we assess your business and business processes and report you of the risks to be insured. In addition, in the damage processes, we do ensure that the process on assessment and arrangement of your damages is concluded in a swift way thanks to our experts in domestic and foreign.